"To educate, equip and inspire seniors to live out their golden years with purpose, dignity and grace."

"The 50Plus Talk" is a fresh, innovative, intelligent, warm and highly informative talk show created to give voice to the millions of family caregivers and seniors in our flourishing 50+ community. You will experience invigorating conversations and inspiring stories highlighting our diverse and growing senior population. " The 50Plus Talk" will spotlight important topics such as current legislation being drafted for the benefit of our senior community, unique challenges impacting our diverse elders, and current research being conducted on Alzheimer's and Dementia. You will also enjoy lively, creative conversations focusing on alternative living solutions for our growing 50+ demographic. During our broadcast, "The 50Plus Talk" will invite you, our viewing audience to share your compelling, personal stories regarding your challenges and triumphs as family caregivers, working seniors, Veterans and retirees. "The 50Plus Talk" will ask you to share your inspirational stories and explore how you are navigating and embracing your golden years successfully, and living healthy and productive lives. "The 50Plus Talk" will be a safe and inviting space to share our collective knowledge, wisdom and our hearts, as we venture into some of the best years of our lives.

You are welcome to visit my Twitter page at the50plustalk@leighbroadway, my Instagram account at The 50Plus Talk or my LinkedIn Profile at Leigh Broadway or The 50Plus Talk. 

        "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be."

      -Robert Browning

          Blessings and Peace ✌