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Caregiving is a gradual and measured process and usually shows up quite unannounced, not unlike an uninvited out of town guest. Dad and I began our journey in 1997 when I noticed he wasn't eating properly during my weekly visits. He appeared generally healthy with the exception of what seemed to have become his regular diet of store-bought fried chicken, white bread and soda pop. If I asked Dad how he was doing, he always responded that he was just fine and managing quite well on his own.

Dad never remarried after mom died in 1976, and had always preferred to live alone because he enjoyed his privacy. I respected his wishes and made every effort to allow him to live life on his own terms, and leave him with his sense of dignity. While he seemed to enjoy his limited menu items, like any good daughter, I knew I needed to supplement his diet with healthier food groups, none of which included anything fried or carbonated. Thus, I began the first step into what would become a 14 year adventure into the world of family caregiving.

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