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Mom was an excellent cook and Dad especially loved her mouthwatering, homemade potato salad. If I suggested that I prepare moms potato salad recipe for dinner, Dad would say, "oh, no, that's not necessary", I really prefer a green salad or a few steamed vegetables for dinner". The truth is, I could never replicate moms homemade potato salad recipe. I believe every mom on planet earth has one secret recipe which can never be replicated. The memory of those secret ingredients somehow mysteriously disappears over time, similar to that missing sock in your dryer, never to be seen again. Dad loved seafood, and fresh shrimp and trout were two of his favorite dishes. He thoroughly enjoyed his shrimp coated in savory italian breadcrumbs, sauteed in a small portion of butter, paired with a scrumptious steamed artichoke! This was certainly a far cry from his former diet of greasy, store-bought fried chicken, and chewy, glutenous white bread. I cooked, we ate, and laughed hysterically as we watched his favorite sitcoms from the 1970s' on TV Land, and gradually drifted into our respective roles.