1997-Sweet Potato Pie

By info@50plusandfabulous.com Broadway

Fall has arrived and the air is becoming cool and crisp, and the delicious aromas of apple cider and sweet potato pie permeates the air. You probably thought I was going to say pumpkin pie however, Dad was "old school" and never developed a taste for pumpkin pie. Mom began this delicious family tradition back in the 1960s', and Dad fully expected me to continue this favorite Broadway Family holiday tradition, year after year. I can almost taste moms scrumptious concoction of yams, warm melted butter, cinnamon and cavity inducing sugar! Sweet potato pie was Dad's special annual holiday treat, as his doctors did not allowed him to consume too much sugar once his health began to decline. Fall was also the time of year when Dad and I would make his year-end doctors visits for his annual flu shot and final medical check-ups. Dad was blessed to have phenomenal Doctors who cared for him lovingly and with great compassion. This wonderful, compassionate medical care would be instrumental in guiding our family through our caregiving journey over the next 14 years. The tremendous medical care Dad received provided him with a higher quality of life, and taught me about the importance of having access to top-notch medical professionals, excellent hospitals and cutting edge treatments. The holidays are here, the leaves on the trees are changing colors, and the sweet potato pies are ready to come out of the oven....