50 Fabulous Caregiving Tips! Senior Living and Assisted Living Facilities

By info@50plusandfabulous.com Broadway

Tip #3: Once you and your loved one decide the time has arrived to move them into Senior Housing or an Assisted Living Facility, here are a few important tips to consider:

1.) If possible, research a Living Facility close to the hospital where their Primary Care Physician is licensed to practice. If your loved one needs to go into the hospital, their Primary Care Physician will be able to visit with them on their daily rounds and keep a close eye on the care they are receiving from the hospital staff.

2.) Many Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Housing Complexes are now incorporating media rooms with computers in their facilities. Make sure to ask if the facility has a media room during your search. If you are a long distance family caregiver, Skype is a great way for your loved one to connect with you and other family members. Technology is not a replacement for face to face, personal contact, but it will help lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness in the life of your loved one. In many cases, some of the residents may be retired former IT professionals, and are happy to lend a hand to instruct the residents on how to use the technology.

3.) If you are depending upon the facility to be the main provider of your loved ones meals, be sure you and your loved one eat a meal or two at the facility prior to making a final decision. You want to make sure their menu includes healthy options which suit your loved ones specific dietary requirements.

4.) Do your homework and make sure you understand which items are included in the monthly cost of the facility vs. which services are offered on an a la carte basis, i.e. barber and beautician services.